About the primary school

You don’t know what the world will look like
in 20 years’ time, 
but your child will be ready for it’

The choice of primary school for your child is a difficult and stressful moment in the life of every parent. It seems like yesterday that your child was playing in his or her buggy, and now he or she has to put a backpack on, learn, be assessed, make new friendships… There is no doubt that you want to make the best possible choice. You ask friends, check reviews on the Internet, visit schools to see what atmosphere they have.

It is worth to answer the question of what future you would like to choose for your child. Who do you want them to become? Where will they work and how far will they get in their career? Should you send your child to a state school, which all of us have attended? Or maybe you should choose a private school where the payment of education fee will give you a promise of better care? If investment in paid education is to bring benefits in the future, maybe it is worth to take the risk?

We invite you to have a look at our educational offer, which is based on a worldwide-proven programme. Both us and the experts we have consulted believe that the system opens new horizons to children, which cannot be guaranteed by any other educational system. Our lessons are conducted in two languages, and students obtain a higher education, which will enable them to study all over the world.

On the way, this type of education will provide children with increased self-esteem, respect towards themselves and others, and will make them happy to be learning, which is particularly important at the beginning of their educational adventure.

If you trust us and decide to give us the opportunity to educate your child, you will see how they become smarter, more self-confident, happy to learn and discover the world. We are parents too, and we have created the school having our children in mind as well. It’s them who will influence the future of our district, city, country, continent, and the world…

Today’s learners, tomorrow’s leaders

Effective, comprehensive and quick learning process are our assets!

  • learning through experience children will touch and discover knowledge independently, with teacher’s subtle scaffolding, which will help them understand the content and remember it better, which will facilitate future learning;
  • bilingual education – lessons are conducted in two languages, Polish and English, which makes English a natural language that the child is going to use fluently at the stage of middle school;
  • individual approach towards each child, as every child is different and deserves to have his or her talents discovered and be supported in things he or she struggles with;
  • interdisciplinary, holistic teaching, because History cannot be understood without Geography or Sociology, and this teaches students to draw conclusions and spot connections between various areas of knowledge;
  • group work and presentations, so that cooperation with others, conflict-solving skills an public speaking come natural and are pleasant to students;
  • international exchange programmes, so that students can see that they really are citizens of the world and so that they understand that children from other countries are just the same, and deserve the same;
  • everyday physical activitiesas a healthy lifestyle increases self-confidence and helps succeed in adult life.

A school which is comfortable for parents and students:

  • care provided from 7.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m.;
  • groups of not more than 18 students;
  • no shifts – all classes start in the morning;
  • three healthy meals during the day;
  • wide offer of extracurricular classes organised in cooperation with Cracow’s Talent Factory Non-Public Community Centre, taking place in the school building. We offer language classes, physical activities, arts, technical classes, Maths, cooking and a lot more;
  • psychological and pedagogical support speech therapy;
  • compensation classes in languages for students enrolled in the middle of the school year.

Students finishing our primary school can continue their education
in high school, therefore they will:

  • stay with familiar friends. known peers and teachers;
  • be able to continue and develop their interests;
  • deepen the friendships they started at the school;
  • still function within a known system of rules;
  • obtain International Baccalaureate, which will enable them to study all over the world.

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