Welcome words from the owners

Dear Parents,

Dear Parents, Open Future is a lively place full of happy, open and active children. As you would expect from an International School, our main principle is to “be open and kind”. When meeting our students in the corridors or outside of the school, you can talk to them about many interesting topics or just have a fun chat. They are a group of supportive and cooperating friends helping each other on a daily basis.

To achieve this, we took the challenge of implementing the highest standards of education and trusted methods that are used in thousands of valued and elite schools around the world. The basis of education in Open Future is the Polish core curriculum enriched with many skills and competences specific to international schools. Thanks to this, we can be sure that every day we prepare our students for future life.

We are proud of all of the educational achievements our students gain, and just as highly value their kindness, self-confidence and respect for others. We teach them how to give more to the local and global community than to take for ourselves. Due to this, our graduates are guided by a strong sense of responsibility for their surroundings, by flourishing as aware and caring citizens of the world.

Anna and Karol Tomczyk

Founders and owners of the Open Future International School and Preschool

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