About the kindergarten

Bilingual international education

We invite all children to the Open Future kindergarten! We provide a great atmosphere, interesting classes, effective English learning, and a friendly education program that develops interests from an early age.

In the kindergarten, classes are conducted using the project method based on the IBO International Primary Years Program. At Open Future, your child will be learning from an early age like children in the best kindergartens in the world. With each passing day, you will watch how your child becomes smarter, more responsible and get to know their environment.

An intimate, international group

In our kindergarten we have a group adapted to the age of the children. They are children from both Poland and other countries. How will they communicate with each other? Children always find a common language in play, and because English is an equivalent language used by teachers and children, they will quickly acquire basic communication skills in this language. This is how children learn in other bilingual kindergartens – they have contact with the language all day. Thanks to this, your child will be able to communicate in English while going to school, and the level of language understanding will be very high.

Healthy food

Children are provided with balanced meals throughout the day so that every 3-4 hours they get a nutritious meal because for small bellies it is important. Meals are prepared from fresh products, without the addition of harmful substances. Thanks to this, your child will grow healthy and have the strength and desire to explore the world.

Good offer

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the kindergarten offer.

The number of places is very limited, so feel free to contact us and visit Open Future International Preschool in Ruczaj.

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